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Use of IP Geolocation in Threat Intelligence and Cybersecurity

The internet brought an amazing benefit of bridging the gap between people and countries, making the virtual world feel almost like a reality. The sad thing, however, is that some people take advantage of this physical distance to steal from others. Spammers, phishers, cyber thieves and so on exploit the fact that it is difficult to keep an eye on an online activity or event. However, IP geolocation data can help businesses and organizations to understand the nature of an attack, curb the attack, and help with cyber investigations that may hold criminals accountable. IP-based geolocation is the most frequently used technique to track IP location and it works well for its intended purpose.

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How to Find the Location of an IP Address

IP addresses are the Internet's equivalent of postal addresses. Every device connected to the Internet has an IP address (and usually more than one).

First, you've got local IP addresses. These addresses are used to locate a device on a local network. Let's say you have a wireless router at home with three separate devices connected to it: a TV, laptop, and mobile phone. Each of these three devices would have a unique "local IP address" that your router would use to route information to and from these devices over the local network.

Next, you've got public IP addresses. These addresses are what connects a device to the public Internet and allow it to send and receive information all over the world. Public IP addresses are globally unique.

If you're trying to find the location of a device with a specific IP address, there are a few things you need to know.

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