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API docs

Making requests

GET https://geo.ipify.org/api/v1?apiKey=YOUR_API_KEY&ipAddress=
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Input parameters

apiKey Required. Get your personal API KEY on My subscriptions page.
ipAddress Required. IP address to search location by.

Free access

After Sign Up you automatically get a free subscription plan limited to 1,000 queries per month.

Output format

  "location": {
    "country": "US",
    "region": "California",
    "city": "Mountain View",
    "lat": "37.40599",
    "lng": "-122.078514",
    "postalCode": "94043",
    "timezone": "-08:00"
ip Requested IP address.
location.country Two letters country code from ISO 3166.
location.region Region
location.city City
location.lat Latitude
location.lng Longitude
location.postalCode Postal Code
location.timezone Timezone
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