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IP Geolocation API

Our real-time IP Geolocation API lets you look up IP locations accurately.

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IP Geolocation API allows you to locate and identify website visitors by IP address. IP location helps prevent fraud, customize web experiences, and maintain regulatory compliance.

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We offer precise and up-to-date IP data

Content personalization

Customize your website using dynamic banners in the user’s local language with his IP address on hand, which will allow you to provide unparalleled personal experiences to even first-time visitors.

Digital marketing

In online marketing, geo-targeting is becoming a crucial tool that helps advertisers to target customers according to their country, region, or even city.

Access blocking

Block those trying to access your website anonymously or resorting to other underhand means to collect data before you can take action to protect yourself.

Insurance against cyber fraud

Fortify your infrastructure to prevent cyber attacks, assess potentially risky situations by considering the originating country, proxy or Tor usage and giving them a score.

Reinforced security policies

Ensure that no API call is made outside your internal network by tracking users’ IP address and establishing rights and permissions based on location — that way better protecting and preventing the leakage of your most confidential, classified, or commercially-valuable data.

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